Constantly Raising the Bar on Paycards

Posted by Joseph F. Purcell

Jun 6, 2017 5:38:38 PM

Our team just came back from the American Payroll Association Congress in Orlando and, after talking to hundreds of attendees, the message is clear: It is not a matter of if employers are going to use paycards anymore, but when. 

And consider this… according to the APA’s Getting Paid in America Surveys over the last four years, the use of paycards has almost doubled, while direct deposit has been holding steady at 96%. This would indicate most employers understand the benefits of electronic pay and are now shifting to the additional benefits of paycards.

While this sounds like fantastic news for everyone in the paycard industry, we recognize it is an opportunity to strive even higher. We cannot rest on our track record of providing the best service and technology in the industry, but instead, we need to drive ourselves to exceed every new expectation. Every time we raise the bar, it becomes the new industry standard and we immediately set our sights on beating it. This commitment is demanding and tireless, but there is no other way to consistently remain the best in industry.

So, if your company is one of the millions that is considering going to paycards, give us a call and you will quickly see how you can benefit from our relentless pursuit of excellence.

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