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The New York Legislature Considers Payroll Cards

Posted by Cathy Beyda

Jun 6, 2017 5:36:27 PM

The issue of payroll cards is now before the New York State Legislature where it properly belongs. A. 6771-A and S. 5208-A would require important consumer protections on payroll card accounts and put an end to the debate regarding appropriate regulation of this beneficial payment method. As you may recall, in September of this year the New York State Labor Commissioner adopted controversial regulations addressing permissible methods of wage payment. The regulations would have imposed unduly burdensome requirements on employers and providers who offer direct deposit and payroll cards, making it less likely that these methods would be offered to employees. Global Cash Card successfully challenged the regulations, which were ultimately revoked on the ground that they exceeded the Labor Commissioner’s authority. The determination revoking the regulations is currently on appeal.

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