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Sep 1, 2004 11:20:00 AM

CARLSBAD, California (September 1, 2004) - Global Cash Card™, a subsidiary of World Processing, Ltd., announced today that it has entered into an agreement with C-Tel Services, LLC ("C-Tel") through which C-Tel will provide U.S. domestic and international call service, along with a suite of additional voice features to cardholders.

Joseph F. Purcell, President of Global Cash Card™, made the announcement today stating that this agreement enables cardholders to place U.S. domestic and international calls at competitive rates with excellent connectivity and call clarity. Call time fees are drawn in real time from the available funds balance on the card. He pointed out C-Tels calling features are easy to use and includes a suite of additional features such as voice mail, voice messaging and Telesafe TM, C-Tels proprietary "data-safe TM" that allows the cardholder to store important information, such as passport numbers and PINs, for easy access and reference.

Mr. Purcell said that C-Tels leadership in the telephony, VoIP and IP fields, and their outstanding dedication to customer satisfaction, were major factors in the decision to select C-Tel as Global Cash Card´s service provider. "Both C-Tel and Global Cash Card™, through our proprietary software platforms, have the ability and desire to not only meet, but more importantly, anticipate our customers needs, and deliver functional solutions at competitive prices. These mutual capabilities will provide the best service to our cardholders.

Mickey Smith, President of C-Tel, lauded his IT and Customer Service team for their dedication to mission focus and accomplishment. Their understanding of our clients purpose and daily commitment to insuring our clients success are the reasons C-Tel enjoys such an excellent reputation in the industry.

About C-Tel
Headquartered in Evansville, Indiana, C-Tel provides transaction processing in the long distance and debit card industries for customers who require a commitment to reliability, connectivity and clarity with competitive pricing. A leader in VoIP and IP technologies, C-Tel provides services in a number of existing wholesale and retail markets while developing new markets and applications for its voice and transaction processing capabilities. Additional information regarding C-Tel and its capabilities can be found at:

About Global Cash Card™
Global Cash Card™, a leader in electronic payment systems, provides ATM and MasterCard™ Debit Cards along with systems to corporations and individuals for a variety of uses. The Global Cash Card™ program enables cardholders to use the card for numerous financial applications such as payroll disbursement, expense reimbursements, and incentive payments. The Global Cash Card™ also provides faster, more efficient, and lower cost of funds distribution for transferring money to family and friends, traveling without cash, purchasing at an unlimited amount of retail merchants, and much more. For more information, visit

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