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Feb 19, 2010 5:15:00 AM

Global Cash Card™, the proven specialist in paycard solutions, in conjunction with Jay and Jack of “The LOST Podcast with Jay and Jack” reveal the grand prize of its “How Will It End?” LOST video contest - an authentic reproduction of a Dharma Van. True to the van shown in the series, this prize is a restored 1970, Type 2 VW Bus, complete with the two-tone Dharma blue and white and a Dharma logo on the front. It even comes complete with a classic 8-Track player and a copy of the “Shambala” tape by Three Dog Night.

Global Cash Card - The Paycard Specialist Jay and Jack Lost Podcast

Contest Details

Centered on ABC´s hit series “Lost”, the contest calls on over 16 million fans to produce their own video interpretations of how the final episode of the popular series will end. “I am truly amazed by the devotion of the LOST Fans,” stated David LaBonte, President of AdMatrix, the advertising agency Global Cash Card has retained to administer the contest. “We thought it might be popular but we had no idea that the interest would ramp up this quickly.”

“We know of no other LOST contest that is going to be this big,” explained Michael Purcell, Director of Marketing for Global Cash Card. “We are really excited to be a part of this. Many of the videos that will be submitted will no doubt have a life long after the series ends.”

The LOST Podcast with Jay and Jack, recently rated and the 4th most popular independent podcast on iTunes, announced the video contest to over 60,000 listeners in November 2009. The submitted videos can be performed in any format; everything from real people to shadow figures will be accepted. Since creativity is the primary judgment criteria, productions value does not play a part in the finalist selection process. The judging will be conducted in two stages. In the first stage, ten finalists will be selected by “The LOST Podcast with Jay and Jack” and judges chosen by Global Cash Card. Each of the finalists will receive a detailed replica of the 4-toed statue as seen on the TV show. These limited edition statues we specifically created for this contest by renowned artist David Church. Lastly, all finalist videos will be posted on the Internet and the public will vote for the grand prize winner.

“We are thrilled to partner with Global Cash Card on this amazing contest,” stated Jay Glatfelter, the “Jay” of Jay and Jack. “We were looking for something that would cap off one of the most unique TV series in history.”

Final Episode and Awards Party in Los Angeles
The contest will culminate in a star-studded party o be held in Los Angeles on May 23, 2010 – the night of the final episode of LOST. The party is open to the public, so even if fans did not submit a video, they can still attend the party. The event will consist of guest appearances, finalist and grand prize award presentations, celebrity interviews, and a live viewing of the final episode of LOST on a theater screen. The venue, along with other details about the party, will be announced at a later date. A complete description of the contest can be found For real-time contest updates, follow @lostcontest on Twitter.

About Global Cash Card
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About the Jay and Jack Podcast
“The LOST Podcast with Jay and Jack” began on October 1, 2005. Based out of Raleigh, North Carolina, it was one of the first LOST podcasts and has become one of the biggest LOST podcasts on the Internet. It has won numerous awards, including a Podcast Award for Best Entertainment in 2007 and has been nominated for numerous podcast awards. “The LOST Podcast” was picked by the Official LOST magazine as one of the best LOST fan sites on the web and chosen as one of iTunes´ Best Podcasts of 2006. When LOST is airing, it is continually in the Top 100 podcasts on iTunes and is always one of the top podcasts in the TV & Film categories. For more information visit

The “How Will It End?” video contest is not related in any way to ABC, Touchstone Pictures, Bad Robot, or the producers of LOST.

For more information please contact:
Michael Purcell
Global Cash Card
(888) 220-4477, Ext. 210

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