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Oct 21, 2006 1:55:00 AM

(Irvine, California) Global Cash Card, a wholly owned subsidiary of World Processing, Ltd., an electronic payment and transaction processing and software-licensing company now provides companies the ability to end the use of paper check distribution for employee payments. All employees can now be paid electronically in real time. One of the many benefits to the employee allows them to use their PAYCARDS for purchases and withdrawals worldwide. The cost of paper check distribution is eliminated.

Global Cash Card is a certified direct processor on the ATM network and has developed its own proprietary card platform. Global Cash Cards state of the art technology enables employers to customize their current payroll data seamlessly. Cardholder features include real time pay access, a rewards program, health benefit discounts, 24/7 live customer support, on line bill pay and much more. Global Cash Card has just introduced the ability for a cardholder to check their account status via their cell phone in addition to web based accessibility and an Interactive Voice Response System. Cardholders can also receive "alert" calls when their card has been loaded. Global Cash Card is the leader in innovation, customer support and technology. Frank Guidara, CEO of Uno Chicago Grill, Boston, Massachusetts, with over 200 company owned and franchised restaurants claims Global Cash Card is by far the most cost effective and convenient payroll card in the market place. "The efficiency and real time usage for our employees is the talk of the industry. We were with another provider when we entered into a pilot with Global Cash Card. Their customer service, implementation and technology convinced us to change providers. Global Cash Card has exceeded our expectations". Micki Nolan, Director of Business Development has recently experienced a dramatic rise in new clients looking for a paycard solution. "Every industry in the market place is embracing our product. Most employers are anxious to eliminate the usage and costs associated with paper checks. This provides them with the ability to pay exception pay such as termination pay, expense distribution, etc., with a full range of custom designed features that the employer can utilize for their real time payroll processing needs. We offer a stored value ATM card and a debit MasterCard with both PIN and signature capability. Our paycard offers substantial advantages to the employer and unlimited benefits to their employees".

About Global Cash Card™

Global Cash Card™, a leader in electronic payment systems, provides ATM and MasterCard™ Debit Cards along with "turnkey systems" to corporations and individuals for a variety of applications. The Global Cash Card™ program enables cardholders to use the card for numerous financial applications such as payroll disbursements, expense reimbursements, incentive payments and travel reimbursements, as well as many others. For more information, visit www.globalcashcard.com.

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