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Mar 3, 2005 3:58:00 AM

The Global Cash Card™ technical team has developed and released a proprietary software application for use with Global Cash Card™, a stored value product. This application provides retailers and other businesses the ability to load value, check balances, and debit value from a Global Cash Card™ in real time using any standard POS terminal device.

The application will work with Lipman Nurit, VeriFone, Hypercom, Ingenico and other devices. The network will allow an open loading solution for the Companys debit card customers and other stored value and prepaid calling cards issued by third-party banks and service companies.

Richard Elliot, Chief Technology Officer, stated "Global Cash Card´s proprietary POS Terminal software provides any retailer with an extremely affordable way to become a Real-Time Load Station using their existing POS equipment or by purchasing one of several low cost POS terminal devices."

J.F. Purcell, President of Global Cash Card™, said "this application adds to our companys long list of "state of the art" product offerings that will benefit the stored value card market and can be managed through widely available point-of-sale devices that are easy to install allowing our sales force to turn on a load partner with little effort." He went on to say Global Cash Card™ is committed to introducing leading edge products to serve its customers.

About Global Cash Card™
Global Cash Card™, a leader in electronic payment systems, provides ATM and MasterCard™ Debit Cards along with systems to corporations and individuals for a variety of uses. The Global Cash Card™ program enables cardholders to use the card for numerous financial applications such as payroll disbursement, expense reimbursements, and incentive payments. The Global Cash Card™ also provides faster, more efficient, and lower cost of funds distribution for transferring money to family and friends, traveling without cash, purchasing at an unlimited amount of retail merchants, and much more. For more information, visit


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