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Oct 4, 2004 3:55:00 PM

Carlsbad, CA — October 4, 2004 — Joseph F. Purcell, President of Global Cash Card™, today announced the formation of a marketing alliance between Global Cash Card™ and Blackboard Inc.

Blackboard, Inc. (symbol BBBB), the leading enterprise software provider for the education industry will introduce the Global Cash Card™ to its educational customers across the country for applications such as financial aid disbursements and related services.

Collectively, Blackboard, Inc. and Global Cash Card™ will provide faculty and students with a safe, convenient, and cashless means of managing funds. In addition, Blackboard, Inc. will also offer the Global Cash Card™ as a paycard solution for employment and work-study programs at colleges and universities.

"We are pleased that Blackboard, Inc. has selected Global Cash Card™ as a marketing partner" stated J.F. Purcell, president of Global Cash Card™. "Blackboard, Inc.´s leadership in the market it serves, combined with our product will present a unique opportunity to further expand the benefits to the clients of Blackboard, Inc. "

Blackboard´s customer base consists of more than 2,000 schools including more than half of all U.S. colleges and universities.

"Blackboard, Inc. has proven its outstanding commercial viability by attracting such partners as Hewlett Packard, Oracle, Dell, and Microsoft. Global Cash Card™ is pleased to join this group of world class innovators and looks forward to developing, integrating, and delivering its unique stored value solutions through Blackboard´s international presence" noted Mr. Purcell.

About Blackboard, Inc.
Blackboard Inc., with headquarters in Washington D.C., is a provider of enterprise software products and related services that support Web-based programs and communities within the education industry. The company´s clients include primary, secondary, and higher education institutions, as well as textbook publishers and student-focused merchants. For more information, visit

About Global Cash Card™
Global Cash Card™, a leader in electronic payment systems, provides ATM and MasterCardMasterCard™ Debit Cards along with systems to corporations and individuals for a variety of uses. The Global Cash Card™ program enables cardholders to use the card for numerous financial applications such as payroll disbursement, expense reimbursements, and incentive payments. The Global Cash Card™ also provides faster, more efficient, and lower cost of funds distribution for transferring money to family and friends, traveling without cash, purchasing at an unlimited amount of retail merchants, and much more. For more information, visit


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